Edinburgh isn't your usual capital city. Everything's walkable, the landscape is verdant, the culture vibrant and the coastline glorious.

Not Your Usual Capital City

Edinburgh’s population is close to half a million. It’s growing by around 1% a year and accounts for 9.2% of Scotland’s total population. This is a vital, youthful place – half are under 35, while over-60s make up just 19.7% of the population.

The city is the UK’s second financial centre and Europe’s fourth according to the Invest in Edinburgh website. It’s a world leader in science, business and education. The annual arts festival drives £250m to the local economy. And Edinburgh consistently tops UK Quality of Life polls – by a Royal Mile.

Within Edinburgh’s historic streets sits the Union Canal. As India Quay develops, this hidden gem is set to breathe further life into a vibrant community that already has the world by its tail.

A Unique City