Community Meanwhile Uses at India Quay

Before construction starts, the brownfield site is being used as a space for various temporary community projects supported by EDI.

1. Community WikiHouse

The Community WikiHouse was assembled by local people in October 2015 providing shelter for workshops, conversations and gatherings. A first WikiHouse for Edinburgh –a unique open source construction design which can be assembled by anyone with minimal formal skill or training.

4. Growing Eden


THE GREEN HUB’s Growing Eden Project is to be a Multidimensional Permaculture based Hub to add to our gardens, land and community. Our site will change and adapt over time while we evolve the designs for the final hub, which will include bioshelters, a dome, green technology and natural spaces for exploring intensive food and biodiversty localisation.

Our design team welcomes collaborations from soil to soul and connections in community to make a difference.

2. Scrapstore

The Edinburgh Scrapstore is a unique resource where unwanted scrap and art materials can take on new life and be used in an infinite amount of ways. The scrapstore promotes creativity and environmental awareness whilst diverting waste from landfill. Please email us to donate materials or become a member please contact or check out the website for opening times and more information.

5. Junk Playground


The junk playground is a space where children can let their play dictate the design, construction and deconstruction of their environment. A range of recycled and reclaimed materials, tools and base structure is provided to inspire free-spirited, creative, wild and imaginative play.

3. The Forge

The Forge is a community workshop space that provides space and tools to pursue creative projects and to learn practical skills. Metal working and wood working spaces have been set up in shipping containers where regular training sessions and workshops are run on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.

6. The Grove

We are a mobile community garden that is making temporary use of unused development sites in the heart of Edinburgh. The aim is to grow an active community as well as grow food. Everyone with an interest in growing food and community is welcome to join.